We have the pleasure to inform you, that SIVA indroduces in his production, a new range of HIGH QUALITY WIRELESS 50 OHM LOW LOSS CABLES. The code of these cables is HF … and it means HIGH FREQUENCIES. In fact, they have been studied and manufactured with the purpose to have perfect and constant electrical performance till 5 Mhz to 5.8 Ghz.

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Thanks to this extrusion technique, we are able to combine the merits of solid polythene “Duration and resistant to mechanical stress“ with the merits of expanded polythene “Low Attenuation”.
The dielectric presents:
A first layer of skin-solid polythene film that seals to the inner conductor allowing protection against humidity.
A second layer of perfectly homogeneous expanded foam cells guaranteeing inner conductor concentricity in the case of curvature and bending.
A third external layer of skin-solid polythene film that protects the cable from humidity ensuring the mechanical and electrical characteristics over time.


Thanks to this composite aluminum multi-laminated tape we guarantee a screening effectiveness > 90dB, and this tape acts as a second barrier against humidity.

which thanks to its flexibility makes it suitable for indoor installations.

For places with high humidity and for underground installations a PE sheath can be used. It is more rigid but more waterproof and so it is suitable for the external environment.

This particular thermoplastic is used for installation in public places or with high concentration of people such as schools, banks, airports, underground metro, commercial centres, hospitals and so on primarily to ensure safety in case of fire.
The characteristics are the followings:
- Low smoke emissions.
- No emissions of halogen gases.
- No propagation of fire and flame.

They are tested in according to:
IEC 60754-1:2011 – Test of gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables.
Part 1: determination of the halogen acid gas content.
IEC 60754-2:2011 - Test of gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables.
Part 2: determination of acidity and conductivity.

HF coaxial cables are used everywhere high performance and low losses are required, in applications like:
- Jumpers assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
- Automotive and Marine Antenna solutions ( 5G CBRE, 4G LTE / 3G / 2G )
- Mobile phone networks ( LTE antennas )
- Wireless Internet service provider ( WISP )
- SCADA Telemetry
– Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, like a distributed IT system for electronic monitoring of physical systems
- Railway transmission and control systems
- Broadband transmission
- Oil & Gas
- Military and Defense

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